We know how reluctant parents are to give their kids products that contain fluoride and other chemicals that may not be safe if swallowed.

That’s why, with the partnership of researchers from the Dental Research Institute at the University of Toronto, we’ve created the only ingestible anticavity mouth rinse in Canada that contains xylitol—a naturally occurring, non-toxic substance derived from hardwood trees and other plants that has proven anticavity effects.

So it’s completely safe if swallowed, and can be used by children as young as 9 months.

Good habits start early

happymouth is a safe and easy way to help your kids learn about the importance of an oral-hygiene regime. Start healthy habits early by supervising how they use their toothbrush and have them rinse with happymouth twice a day. Introducing happymouth into your routine gives you the peace of mind that anticavity protection can be safe, simple and effective for your kids.