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happymouth is a naturally powerful mouth rinse that’s easy to use. It’s made from natural ingredients that work so you can feel confident recommending happymouth to your patients – it’s even indicated for usage for patients as young as 9 months.

How does happymouth work?

In partnership with researchers from the Dental Research Institute at the University of Toronto, we developed a unique formulation containing the active ingredient Xylitol – a non-toxic substance derived from hardwood trees and other plants that has proven anti-cavity effects.

Xylitol inhibits the growth, metabolism, and polysaccharide production (plaque formation) of mutans streptococci. Since it is non-fermentable by oral bacteria, it helps to reduce the bacterial load. 1


  • No fluoride
  • No broad-spectrum antiseptic agents such as cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and triclosan
  • No preservatives
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial colours

Why happymouth?

happymouth is the only ingestible anti-cavity moisturizer in Canada that contains Xylitol. Our unique formulation, Xyncal™, provides cavity protection that’s three times more effective than Xylitol alone.

happymouth is a great solution to prevent cavities for all my patients – from young to mature. It’s gentle but effective so I can trust recommending it to the families at my practice.

Dr. B. Dentist

Help prevent dry mouth

happymouth is more than cavity protection. Xyncal™ also helps promote mineralization by increasing the flow of saliva and maintains pH above 5.5 (longer than Xylitol alone) – so it’s an effective treatment for dry mouth too. 2

happymouth Anti-Cavity Rinse

Easy to use
– just swish & swallow

Direct patients to use twice a day. Advise patients to swish 5mL of happymouth vigorously around teeth and gums then swallow – no spitting required. This delivers an effective medicinal dose of cavity prevention (3g of Xylitol). 3

The World Health Organization has rated Xylitol as nontoxic, and healthy children can tolerate up to 60g of Xylitol daily (70g for adults). 4

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