How do you use it?

Dip a clean dry cloth into a capful of happymouth and rub gently along the gumline (and any new teeth!). Your little one will love the taste and enjoy the pressure relief from teething.

Swish and swallow one teaspoon (5 mL) of happymouth for about 30 seconds after brushing. The anti-cavity benefits start as soon as it’s in the mouth! Avoid eating or drinking for about 15 minutes after use for maximum benefits.

Can Adults use it?

Yes! happymouth is for the whole family! Because we are grounded in microbiome research, happymouth is an all-natural alternative to traditional mouthwash without compromising performance.

What is XyncalTM and how is it different than Xylitol mouthwash?

happymouth is formulated with XyncalTM, our exclusive all-natural, patent-pending formulation that prevents acid production while combating dry mouth. Xylitol delays the growth of Streptococcus mutans on tooth enamel, similarly blocking the formation of acid build-up that deteriorates teeth. However Xylitol cannot deliver an anti-caries benefit without an effective vehicle. Our proprietary formulation is designed to sustainably adhere Xylitol to the plaque biofilm while supporting an 8.6pH to reinforce a basic environment in the mouth. This combined product called XyncalTM is scientifically proven to provide maximum effectiveness against cavity causing bacteria.

What if our child drank the entire bottle?

In a word: diarrhea. But as we mentioned, happymouth is made using natural ingredients and is ingestible.

How to buy


Buy now through our site or Amazon!

In Store

We are working to increase our in-store availability across Ontario! You can find us at Goodness Me!, Snuggle Bugz, the Big Carrot, BodySense and select pharmacies (Pharmasave, IDA).

Your Local Dentist

We have a network of Dentist offices carrying happymouth across Canada. Ask your Dentist about happymouth at your next appointment!