Introducing the new and natural way to prevent cavities that’s sure to make you smile

happymouth anti-cavity moisturizer is a breakthrough mouthwash that prevents cavities while being all natural. It has been designed to be swallowed for everyone, even kids as young as 9 months!

* Made in Canada
happymouth Lemon Anti-Cavity Rinse

Finally – a rinse that’s made from natural ingredients that actually works because:

  • It’s formulated from 21st century science to kill bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria your body needs
  • Our patented formulation of Xylitol, Xyncal, prevents bacterial acid production to help reduce cavities
  • It’s effective at preventing tooth decay even though it’s made without fluoride, CPC or triclosan.
happymouth Strawberry Anti-Cavity Rinse
happymouth for the whole family!

The Science

Healthy mouths make happy people

Now everyone can prevent cavities and practice good oral hygiene with happymouth – from the very young to the very mature and everyone in between. happymouth also helps relieve the symptoms of dry mouth commonly caused by some medications and conditions.

Proven natural & effective

  • Anti-cavity protection from the 1st tooth to the last. happymouth selectively kills the cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Swish & swallow: we are so natural, children 9 months and up can use the product.
  • Naturally powerful: Made from all natural ingredients. We are free of alcohol, CPC, triclosan and fluoride.

    30 seconds to a healthier mouth

    Just swish & swallow (no spitting required) – rinsing with happymouth for 30 seconds twice a day is all it takes to lower the risk of cavities while promoting a clean and healthier mouth.

    Why happymouth?

    In a word: microbiome. The mouth is made up of millions of tiny organisms in a mix that is unique to you and you alone. Understanding this ecosystem is critical to understanding human biology as the human genome. Too science-y? Ok – let’s try to break it down as simply as possible.

    You are a Superorganism! This does not mean you have the power to fly or turn invisible. It means that your body is the host to a community of organisms in addition to all your human cells. This community is referred to as the microbiome. You may have heard about “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria for your gut. While it turns out that there are also good and bad bacteria for your mouth as well. Different parts of your body like your skin, gut, nose and mouth harbor distinct bacterial species. It is important to maintain this ecology in the healthy state and products that kill indiscriminately can open the door for disease causing species.

    We recognized the importance of emerging microbiome research and how it affects whole health and that’s why we decided to bring happymouth from our laboratory to your home.

    Plus happymouth contains:

    • No fluoride
    • No triclosan
    • No CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride)
    • No preservatives
    • No artificial colors
        happymouth for the whole family!


        We know how reluctant parents are to give their kids products that contain fluoride and other chemicals that may not be safe if swallowed. That’s why, with the partnership of researchers from the Dental Research Institute at the University of Toronto, we’ve created the only ingestible anti-cavity moisturizer in Canada that contains Xyncal™, our patented formulation of Xylitol. Xylitol it is a naturally occurring, non-toxic substance derived from hardwood trees and other plants that has proven anti-cavity effects.

        Xylitol Chemical Formula (C5H12O5)

        happymouth Anti-Cavity Rinse
        Simply swish & swallow Xyncal™ is what makes happymouth effective but also gentle enough to swallow. You don’t have to worry about spitting it out, just swish then swallow. That’s why it is great for the whole family – even kids as young as 9 months can use it to begin preventing cavities around the time they actually start to cut their first teeth, instead of waiting for their first trip to the dentist.

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